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Whether you love backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity you should always have the best. Here at Dominate Outdoors, we look for the best gear for our outdoor activities. Enjoying what you are doing is important and you do not want to worry about if your gear will hold up. We know that rain or shine, warm or cold you want to get out there and have a great time.

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Why use a tactical backpack?

Tactical backpacks are designed for the military. These rugged packs focus on strength, durability, high activity, modularity, and premium quality materials. They are made to last so you will not be replacing them every 2 years. They are flexible  so you can use them to go camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting and even every day use. If its good enough for the military it will definitly work for your needs.

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Tactical Backpacks For Camping, Hunting, And Hiking


Why choose a Boonie Hat?

Boonie hats are an excellent choice for any outdoors activity. Because of its wide brim it offers UV protection by keeping the sun off your head and out of your eyes. The strap keep it from being blown away if it gets windy, while being simple to use and adjust. 

Additionally these hats are lightweight so you can hang them on your back if you do not want to use it. Designed for military use, these hats offer durability and usability for your outdoor adventures

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Quality Gear

Being an avid lovers of the outdoors from camping to hiking, We believe in quality gear that will last. Having experienced gear that has fallen apart while enjoying outdoors activities, we know the trouble and frustration this can cause.

Get gear that will last so you focus on the your activity


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10 beginner multi day hiking (Backpacking) mistakes

Anyone who has gone backpacking or for extended hikes has made mistakes. Often, they are simple silly mistakes that you laugh about later but are easily overlooked at the time. When you go backpacking for an extended period of time this mistake can create bigger...

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How to start hiking and build up to the big hikes

Many times, we see these awesome views and wish we could go see them in person. Unfortunately, they are tied to difficult hikes and while they are worth the trip most people can not attempt without more experience. The good news is you can build up to being able to do...

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Beginner tips for hiking

Hiking has many benefits that people can enjoy, and the best part is there is something for your experience and fitness level. Figuring out were to start can be hard as people often associate hiking with going up a mountain, but that is simply not true. There are a...

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Should I get a tactical backpack?

What backpack should I get for outdoor activities? Finding a backpack to fit the activities you want to do can be hard. There are many options to choose from and getting the wrong one can lead you to spending time dealing with problems instead of enjoying the activity...

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Why choose a Boonie hat for camping, hiking, and hunting

A Boonie hat is wide brimmed hat most commonly used in warm climates. It has a similar design to a bucket hat, but with a sturdy brim. These hats will often include a branch loop around the crown and have a strap with a fastener for stability and they often have...

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10 Great camping spots in California

California offers an amazing variety of scenery for you to camp in. From ocean views, to mountain hiking, and lush forests, there is something for every type of camper. Not only is there a variety of camping areas, you can camp any time of the year. Here are 10 great...

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