California offers an amazing variety of scenery for you to camp in. From ocean views, to mountain hiking, and lush forests, there is something for every type of camper. Not only is there a variety of camping areas, you can camp any time of the year. Here are 10 great camping spots in California.

  1. Prairie Creek Redwoods state park – Home of California’s Redwood old growth trees and a herd of Roosevelt elk who call it home, you will have a great time hiking the area. You can camp under the tall pine and fir trees. This is also close to the ocean so you can also visit that as well. Added bonus this part was used as a backdrop for Jurassic park.
  2. Nevada Beach campground – Located a few miles south of Lake Tahoe, you will get amazing views of Lake Tahoe against a background of the mountains. This site is great for those who love water sports with the lake near by. There is lots to do and this area is great for families
  3. Yosemite National park – located in central California, this park covers 700,000 acres and offers lakes, ponds, streams, waterfalls, and trails. With lots to do you can absolutely bring the family.
  4. Crystal Cove state park – Located in southern California, this park has over 2,400 acres of wilderness and 3.2 miles of beach line. This area has the historic seaside colony of rentals that you can stay in or you can bring a tent or RV.
  5. Pfeiffer Big Sur state park – Another area with costal redwoods, but this park also offers river gorges and wildlife viewing opportunities. You can spend your time walking along the riverbanks and offers hiking trains for all levels.
  6. Big bear lake and Angeles national forest – Located near Los Angeles, this site provides plenty of hiking trails, bike trails and can offer fishing and skiing. You can also see wildlife both big and small.
  7. Lassen Volcanic national park – This location is the largest plug dome volcano in the world and has terrain of streaming vents and jagged peaks. This 160,000-acre park features alpine lakes and meadows with waterfalls. You can take the roundtrip 2.3-mile hike to Kings Creek falls and view the 30-foot cascades.
  8. Van Damme state park – Located along the banks of Little river, this camp site is a drive in and backup to the location. You will need to carry everything in and out to enjoy this campground. The Fern Canyon trail follows the river and goes into the jungle like forest. Across the way you can visit the pebble lined beach cover at the mouth of the river. This is a great location if you live to Kayak.
  9. Joshua Tree national park – Named after the spiky yucca tree found around the park, this is in the Mojave Desert offering a unique camping experience. This 800,000-acre park has amazing night sky views for star gazers and has many rock formations such as skull rock.
  10. Minaret falls campground – This location has alpine lakes, pine forests, mountain views, and from its namesake Minaret falls waterfall. This site also has access to basalt columns, and you can hike to rainbow falls.


California has many camping sites with unique experiences for all level of campers. Go out and find your adventure.

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