Oregon offers a large range of hiking trails in lengths, feet above sea and scenery options. There is something for everyone, with over 1,000 trails ranging from .6 to 1073.5 miles, there are plenty of options for hiking enthusiasts or someone just starting out.

Here are 10 great hiking trails in Oregon:

    1. Trillium Lake Loop Trail – Located in Mount Hood national forest, this hike is on the lower end of the difficulty chart. It has great views along the lakeshore and is just under 2 miles in length for a complete loop. There are many other activities in the area and is a great family trip
    2. South sister climber trail – This trail is located within Deschutes national forest and Willamette National forest. This trail offers amazing views, but unlike the previous one it is rated on the difficult end. It is a long hike at about 12.2 miles round trip and should only be attempted if you are more experience. It offers a variety of areas include glaciers, lakes, meadows, waterfalls and more.
    3. Trail of ten falls – located in Silver falls state park, this is an 8-mile loop with cut-offs to shorten it. It is a scenic trail with moving water and family attractions. It starts with a 177-foot fall at the south fall day use area and has the full loop passes by at least ten more. The cut-offs allow you to adjust for any level of hiking making it great for anyone
    4. Timberline Trail – Another large trail giving multiple views of mount hood, this is a multiday hike usually taking 3 to 4 days. This trail is a 40-mile-long loop and includes a river crossing encounter. For those who want a full nature experience this can provide the view and challenge you could be looking for.
    5. Mount Scott Trail – Located at Crater Lake national park, it offers amazing views of Crater lakes crystal blue water. Rated as an intermediate hike, it provides challenge, but is not overly difficult leading to the fire lookout at the summit. The views are spectacular once there and while not a loop you will have lots to look at
    6. Angel’s Rest Trail – Located in Columbia river gorge, this trial offers waterfalls and great views. The best view is at the rocky outcropping known as Angel’s Rest which is about 2.5-mile hike.
    7. Grizzly Peak Loop trail – Located in Cascade-Siskiyou national monument, this offers a variety of unique terrain. This area offers lots of activities including fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and skiing on top of hiking. Offering many views right from the start it dips in and out of the forest.
    8. Pacific Crest Trial – This trail runs from Mexico to Canada and takes many months to complete and offers many challenges. You can take on sections of this trail which are much less challenging and do not require more than a day. You can go by Crater lake, lava fields and many of the famous mountains in Oregon allowing you to make a customized hiking route.
    9. McKenzie River trail – Located in Willamette national forest, this hike follows the iconic waterway and is popular with backpacking trips as its 26.4 miles long. This trail includes Koosah and Sahalie falls and Tamolich blue pools offering turquoise cold water.
    10. Oregon Coast Trail – Last but not least is the coast of Oregon. This trail spans the entire coast at 370- miles long offering a variety of environments and the ocean. Similar to the Pacific crest trail you can take on a section of your choosing offering many popular attractions.

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