Many people have thought about camping in winter but worry that it is something to hard or they are unsure what the difference is and what extra equipment they would need to consider. The biggest part of camping in winter is making sure you are prepared and starting off with an easy trip to start.

The first thing to consider when camping in the winter is what do you need to pack? We always recommend that you create a gear list, so you do not forget anything important. When camping in winter warmth is the big factor in changing what you bring. You will want to bring plenty of warm layers including extra blankets. Keeping extra blankets that are dry is very important should something happen you will want these in reverse.

What clothing should you bring? For your clothing you will want to stick to wool. Wool keeps the warmth in by trapping heat and is an excellent choice in damp conditions. Hands and toes warmers are a great addition to keep those parts of your body warm and waterproof boots that have good traction of snow are also worth the investment.

What extra items should I bring to starting a fire? When camping in winter you will want to bring some extra fire-starting supplies. Even if you can start a fire without a starter, you will want one if something goes wrong. Dry wood, paper and an extra lighter are good to bring to get a quick fire started when needed. On top of this bringing enough wood is important. Some places do not allow gather wood and in winter buying wood might be limited, brining extra wood is recommended as it can be hard to determine what you will need based on how cold it gets.

If you need to transport items such as wood, a sled can be a good way to move supplies as they are built to move in snowy conditions and you do not want to waste energy moving wood and other supplies. Additionally, a small shovel is good for clearing the site and setting up properly in the snow. Extra lighting is a good idea as well and powerpacks as electronics can lose power faster in the cold.

Preparing is one of the most important things when camping in winter. This is a small part of preparing for a winter camping trip and gear is important.