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Whether you love backpacking, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity you should always have the best. Here at Dominate Outdoors, we look for the best gear for our outdoor activities. Enjoying what you are doing is important and you do not want to worry about if your gear will hold up. We know that rain or shine, warm or cold you want to get out there and have a great time.

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Why use a tactical backpack?

Tactical backpacks are designed for the military. These rugged packs focus on strength, durability, high activity, modularity, and premium quality materials. They are made to last so you will not be replacing them every 2 years. They are flexible  so you can use them to go camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting and even every day use. If its good enough for the military it will definitly work for your needs.

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Tactical Backpacks For Camping, Hunting, And Hiking


Why choose a Boonie Hat?

Boonie hats are an excellent choice for any outdoors activity. Because of its wide brim it offers UV protection by keeping the sun off your head and out of your eyes. The strap keep it from being blown away if it gets windy, while being simple to use and adjust. 

Additionally these hats are lightweight so you can hang them on your back if you do not want to use it. Designed for military use, these hats offer durability and usability for your outdoor adventures

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Quality Gear

Being an avid lovers of the outdoors from camping to hiking, We believe in quality gear that will last. Having experienced gear that has fallen apart while enjoying outdoors activities, we know the trouble and frustration this can cause.

Get gear that will last so you focus on the your activity


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10 Great Hiking Spots In California

California boasts some of the most diverse landscapes around. From going along the coast, to spending the day in the forest or going up a mountain California has it all. Within California there is the high summit and longest waterfall for the continent of the United...

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10 Great hiking trails in Oregon

Oregon offers a large range of hiking trails in lengths, feet above sea and scenery options. There is something for everyone, with over 1,000 trails ranging from .6 to 1073.5 miles, there are plenty of options for hiking enthusiasts or someone just starting out. Here...

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Top 10 Camping spots in Oregon

Oregon offers a variety of camping locations where you can experience various outdoor activities from wild rivers to glaciated peaks. On top of these great views you also have the coastline with offers its own unique experience that you can not experience in most...

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Top 5 hunting locations in Washington state

With so many locations located in Washington state it can be hard to figure out where to go hunting. Here are 5 great hunting locations within Washington state. Grant County – If hunting waterfowl is your goal, nothing beats Grant County. With over 15,000 goose and...

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Top 5 fishing spots in Washington state

Lake Washington – This lake offers year-round fishing for all types of anglers. This lake holds dozens of fish species from bass, rainbow trout and perch as well as seasons opportunities for Coho, chinook, and steelhead salmon. With lots of docks you will have easy...

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Top 10 camping spots in Washington state

Whether you are looking for a over night trip or a something longer Washington state has a diverse landscape in camping locations. With the mountains, lakes, and coastline there is something for everyone. Here are 10 great camping locations in Washington state:...

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