Dual 1200W Electric Scooter



The Dual 1200W Electric Scooter is made to go further and faster. It is powered by a two 1200W electric motor which can reach speeds of 43m/h. It’s range is up to 37 Miles (Based on 1 motor use)*.  This scooter has the torque for flat roads or trails with elevation up to 45 degrees.

The scooters body is made of aluminum and has dual suspension. It has a front and back hydraulic brakes. The digital display shows the speed and battery amount.

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Overall size: 1220*350*1250 MM
Size after folding: 1250*650*570 MM
Carton size: 1280*400*600 MM


Max. Loading: 330 lbs
Net weight: 92 lbs


Top speed: 43 M/H
Range: 37 M*
Grade Ability: 45 degree
Working temperature: 14 ~104
Storage temperature: 14 ~104


Battery type: 18650 Lithium battery
Rated voltage: 60 V
Input voltage: 67.2 V
Battery capacity: 26 AH


Motor type: DC brush less motor
Motor rated power: 1200 Watt*2 motors
Rated output power: 1200 Watt*2 motors (Peak 1800 Watt *2 motors)
Rated voltage: 60 V


Rated power: 268 W
Input voltage:100-240 VAC
Output voltage: 67.2 V
Rated current: 4A
Charging time: 7 Hours

Other features:

Wheel size: 11 inch
Frame material: Aluminium alloy
Waterproof: IP54
Suspension: Front suspension*2 + Rear suspension*2
Display: Color display
Speed up: Throttle
Brake: front hydraulic brake + rear hydraulic brake + electronic brake
Color: Black


*Range depends on condition


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