What backpack should I get for outdoor activities?

Finding a backpack to fit the activities you want to do can be hard. There are many options to choose from and getting the wrong one can lead you to spending time dealing with problems instead of enjoying the activity you are engaged in. When you plan a trip, you want it to go as smooth as possible and not focus on packing or what you can bring and not bring.

We also all want quality items that will last. Buying cheap items are great, but they tend to not last. This is true when doing outdoor activities where your items will have a lot more wear and tear on it. When considering common activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, and hunting your backpack could end up having a lot of wear. It might be dragged around or tossed or hit with branches, and this could cause a cheaper backpack to tear open and then you have a problem.

Why should you use a tactical backpack for the following activities?


When hiking you can end up getting hit by sticks and branches and nothing is worse than having your backpack tear open and everything falling out. You are in the middle of your hike up to an amazing lake and now your stuff is on the ground all over. A tactical backpack is made for harsh environments, that is why the military uses them and that does not mean you can not use it. They are available to everyone and finding a quality one is important.

Tactical backpacks can be great for any length of trip. They are meant for traveling around with what you need to stay safe. You have some choice in what you to be able to carry which can include a hydration system option and fleece storage. Being safe while hiking in the woods is important and these backpacks allow you to keep that covered.


Camping while similar too hiking has some other aspects that will have an impact on your backpack. Your backpack will end on the ground and dragged around. You do not want that to create tears. On top of that it might be tossed around. Having a trusty good quality backpack can take one thing off your mind. You are there to camp and enjoy your time, not worry about your stuff.

Tactical backpacks can carry a lot more than a normal backpack. You have M.O.L.L.E.  straps for extra carrying storage and lots of compartments. There is also a lot of variety in what you can store, from water pouches to fleece compartments. It has a lot of flexibility in its use which makes it great for camping.


Hunting more so than other activities involves getting off the beaten trail and gets out into the deeper parts of the woods. Whether you are setting up or moving around you know the value of your gear. Quality is important and you want to focus on the task at hand so worry about your supplies and gear is not an option.

Tactical backpacks offer you a variety of storage options and you can pack any safety gear you need. Often you are carrying more than just a backpack and tactical backpacks are made to make this easier. The military uses these backpacks because of there capability and they often are carrying more than just a backpack. If they use them there is a reason, so why not use the best type of backpack.

Everyday Use

An added bonus is that these backpacks are not limited to a particular use. You can use them anytime you need a backpack. Even if you work in an office and wanted to carry everything you need, these backpacks work. Many even have laptop specific slots to keep them safe and secure.

Any time you are considering a backpack, consider a tactical backpack. While they might cost a bit more than your average backpack, they will last a lot longer and are designed with quality, comfort, and performance in mind.

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