Oregon offers a variety of camping locations where you can experience various outdoor activities from wild rivers to glaciated peaks. On top of these great views you also have the coastline with offers its own unique experience that you can not experience in most states.

Here are 10 great camping spots in Oregon:

  1. Silver falls state park – Located in the Willamette valley, Silver falls has a stunning view of some fantastic waterfalls. As you journey in this 9,200-acer state park you will pass by 100 feet tall waterfalls and even go behind them. Internationally known, this is a must see for anything that has a bit of time to explore.
  2. Natural bridge campground – Located near the west side of Crater lake national park, this campground offers a few different locations to visit during your stay. You can visit Crater lake and Siskiyou national park. There is also Rogue river adjacent to the campground which goes into a 250-foot lava lube.
  3. Cape lookout state park – Located in the Three Capes scenic route, provides great views of the oceans as you can listen to it while camping. You can spend your time at the beach or trekking up and down the Cape.
  4. Harris beach state park – On the southern end of Oregon you will find this park. This location offers access to Samuel H. Boardman State scenic corridor and the beach. You can spend the day relaxing and enjoying the water
  5. Tilamook head backpack camping – As the name suggest this camping spot is only accessible by hiking to it. The good news is its usually fairly quiet as it takes more effort to get here. You will need to hike for 4.5 miles to get to the location and carry everything you need in and out. This location is surrounded by old growth trees and has a path to get a great view of Tillamook rock lighthouse and the ocean. There is also a large communal firepit if you want to get to know your neighbours.
  6. Lost lake campground and resort – Lost late is a popular campground because of its location which is between Lost lake and glacial mount hood. You will find biking and hiking trails and can go canoeing or kayaking in the lake. There are also opportunities to go fishing, visit a waterfall or go birdwatching
  7. Cold water cove campground – Located in Willamette national forest, this campground features the turquoise colored clear lake. It has mount Washington and Three sister’s mountain near by and you will find ancient lava fields. With many water activities during the day you will find yourself with plenty to do.
  8. Green mountain campsite – This site is for those who want to experience all nature has to offer. With nothing, but what you bring with you, you will have to rough it out. As a reward you will get to see volcanic scenery in the Fort rock area. Lava fields and cinder cones are easy to find and you can visit the Crack in the ground which is a volcanic fissure that is approximately 2 miles long.
  9. Catfish junction – Located next to snake river, this site is for RV campers and offers the best catfish in Oregon. Nearby you will find Heavens gate lookout and snack river which you can swim, tube or boat to your hearts content.
  10. Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial state park – This location has miles of hiking trails, two freshwater lakes and coastal sand dunes. Nearby you will also find Oregon dunes recreational area, Woahink lakeside trail, and Siuslaw river bridge. This is another great family site as there is plenty to do with lots of variety.

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