With so many locations located in Washington state it can be hard to figure out where to go hunting. Here are 5 great hunting locations within Washington state.

  1. Grant County – If hunting waterfowl is your goal, nothing beats Grant County. With over 15,000 goose and 70,000 ducks hunted ever year you will have lots of opportunity to succeed.
  2. Olympic National Forest – With 1.8 million acres and full of good big game and forest grouse you will have lots of room to explore and find the right spot for you.
  3. Peirce County – This county offers deer and elk with many different areas
  4. Rattlesnake slope unit – With 3,366 acers there are tons of elk, deer’s and chucker’s hiding out for you to obtain.
  5. Chief Joseph Wildlife Area – With 14,000 acers and full of mule deer another great choice

Choosing where to go hunting can be difficult, but once you decide on what you are looking to hunt for you can find lots of different locations.


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