There are many items you need when going camping with some depending on were you are going or what you are planning to do. One that will always be important is your clothing. While you do not need every article of clothing it is better to be prepared than not. Here are 10 clothing item you should bring when going camping.

    1. A hat – Depending on the time of year that you are camping the hat you need might change, but you should bring one either way. We include beanies for warmth which it can be important depending on the time of year or if it gets cold at night. For example, it can be used to keeping the sun off your head or keep your head warm at night.
    2. Shoes – What shoes you bring can be very important. If you plan to do lots of hiking you will want to bring hiking boots. If you want to spend a lot of time in the water, you might want to have water shoes. Comfort is important when deciding on what shoes to bring so plan around your activities and bring quality shoes.
    3. Socks – While something most people would not consider, a good pair of socks are important. Keeping your feet warm at night can be important and having extra pairs should be brought as well. If your feet get wet, you will want some backup pairs
    4. Jackets and hoodies – A quality jacket can be important not only for warmth, but also staying dry if it rains. What level of warm you need will decide on what jacket you should bring, but you should have something in case of emergencies. A hoodie can suffice, but we would suggest bringing a jacket as well.
    5. Shirts – With your shirt choice comfort is important. As technology advances, we now have shirts that are breathable and help with sweat. Another consideration is short sleeve versus long sleeve and how that will impact what you are doing.
    6. Shorts or Pants – Similar to shirts is depending on the activities and comfort. If you plan to do lots of hiking you might want a more durable pair of pants that will protect against rips.
    7. Sunglasses – With a lot of camping happening during the sunnier months, sunglasses are another item to consider. Keeping the sun out of your eyes is nice, but not always possible, so having a good pair of sunglasses to help with this can be useful.
    8. Swimsuit – Camping near a lake or river? It would be good to bring a swimsuit. The choice of swimsuit is generally up to you, but you do not want to forget it.
    9. Blankets – While not clothing, you will want a quality blanket for warmth. Should something happen a good blanket might be important. Additionally, it can keep you warm if you are sitting outside or add warmth while you sleep as another layer. It is a very versatile item that you should always bring
    10. Backpacks – Brining a backpack always makes camping easier. You can transport items around or go for a hike and have something to carry what you need. There are many sizes of backpacks and choose the right size for your needs is important. If you tend to do long camping trips you might want a backpack with many options. Do you generally do weekend trips, you might want a smaller back that can expand. There are many options that allow you to find the right one. Getting a quality bag is important as you do not want it to rip apart on you and have everything falls out.

These are some of the necessary things for camping that you should consider when figuring out what to bring. Creating a master camping list can be a good way to make sure you have everything you need.


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