A Boonie hat is wide brimmed hat most commonly used in warm climates. It has a similar design to a bucket hat, but with a sturdy brim. These hats will often include a branch loop around the crown and have a strap with a fastener for stability and they often have vented mesh panels. This hat was commonly used by military forces but has since expended into wider use amount the public.

Benefits of a Boonie Hat

There are many benefits to wearing a Boonie hat that have made them popular.

  • UV protection – Exposing yourself to the sun can be harmful and your head and neck are the most exposed area. With the sun beating down on you, you can get sunburnt, overheat, or even acquire skin diseases. Boonie hats protect your face and neck offers the best protection from a hat compared to a baseball cap which only protects that face.
  • Cost – Buying a quality Boonie hat can save money in the long run. Not only can you get tear and rip resistance ones, but you will also save on any damage the sun could inflict on your body. Your health is very important, so having a quality hat is important.

Why buy a Boonie hat?

They are popular among hikers, backpackers, campers, hunters, fishers and more, but are great for everyday use. Keeping your head protected is important in any activity so getting a quality hat should be your goal. Ultimately there is a reason the military has used and continues to use Boonie hats, they are great for the outdoors.


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